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Conceal Wiring

Conceal Wiring

$75.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
 It is against all local electrical codes to insert the power plug from the TV directly into the wall, running it down the inside of the wall, and back out below into a wall receptacle.One correct way to power a television requires an outlet behind the TV, wired to another outlet or power source using code-approved electrical connections and wiring techniques.

Another way to meet code requirements is to use a product specifically designed to function like an extension cord, that is permitted to be installed inside the wall.

Our team includes a certified electrician who can do this type of wiring, and knows which type of wiring will work best for your situation. The low-voltage wiring, such as HDMI or co-ax, also has specific ways it should be installed inside wall cavities, and specific cables that are allowed to be installed inside of wall spaces. When hiding wiring, we always use “in-wall” rated wires.

We finish off this process using outlet covers specifically designed for use on TV and A/V products. All cables and wiring we use meet all current code requirements.

This process of hiding wires can be time consuming, but the end result, not seeing any wires, is well worth the added expense of doing it correctly.

If you prefer, we can install the wiring in paint-able wall channels designed to hide wires very inexpensively. These channels are an easy, cheap, way to hide your wires.

Whichever method you choose, the wires can usually be hidden for a much cleaner look to your TV installation.
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    CamCon Tech provide onsite techs who will hide all wiring behind wall and attic
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